Next Generation Data Protection

Through our unique process of encryption, data shredding and secure storage, the data undergoes a transformation process that changes the properties of the data – an approach we call Data Alchemy™.

This process that renders the data wholly unusable and completely unrecoverable to anyone but the authorized user.

Trivalent’s security always stays with the data even in the event of a breach, endpoint compromise or application vulnerability.

Trivalent Data Protection Process

Trivalent Data Protection ensures classified and sensitive data remains protected in the file system of endpoint devices and is an integral component of a comprehensive data security strategy in both connected or unconnected environments.

data protection process


  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1
  • Trivalent Protect FE API certified CSfC
  • Trivalent Protect DB API and Android FUSE implementation pending submission for CSfC

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