Protect Your Critical Data

Through Trivalent’s leading-edge encryption and file shredding technology, Trivalent Protect enables users to securely store data on their devices (laptops, handhelds, notebooks, mobile devices) to ensure critical data remains secure in the file system. Trivalent Protect integrates seamlessly and compliments existing security technologies.

Data Protection Process

Trivalent Architecture

Trivalent Protect Architecture Device Architecture

How it Works

Designed to ensure critical data remains protected in the file system of any device, Trivalent Protect uses AES256 bit encryption and is flexible to use a variety of encryption libraries. 

The Trivalent Management Service handles integrated application authentication and key management which allows multiple integrated applications on the same device to access the same files easily.


Trivalent Protect Benefits
Trivalent Protect Security  Security always stays with the data. Both at rest and runtime.
Authorized Data Usage  Authorized data usage. Only authorized users can access their secured data whenever needed.
Deploy Software  Easy to deploy and seamless. Integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures.
Data Shredding  Data Shredding. Data is transformed and rendered useless to unauthorized users.
NSA Approved  NSA Approved. Supports HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliance mandates.
File Level Protection  File-level encryption. Comprehensive bit-level data protection, beyond full-disk encryption.


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