Cryptographic Development Kit

The Trivalent Cryptographic Development Kit (CDK), is part of an integrated platform that together meet the complete data protection needs of an enterprise or application developer from start to finish. It consists of the following components:

• The Management Service
• The CDK DB

The Management Service is an Android application that is responsible for the following:

• System configuration
• Authentication/de-authentication
• Key generation and management
• Anti-Tampering
• Licensing

Android application developers that wish to use Trivalent Protect CDK can consume the library component, which contains the encryption APIs. The library is responsible for encryption/decryption, and for communicating with the Management Service . The CDK supports two different languages:

• Java API

The Trivalent Protect CDK DB allows Android application developers to encrypt and shred supported database records.

Supported Platforms

Android 4.4, 5, 5.1, 5.1.1, 6

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