Trivalent’s file-level encryption solutions achieve several differentiating levels of protection in the information security market and is a recognized leader in the data protection industry. Currently, Trivalent is the only NIAP approved and FIPS 140-2 certified file-level cryptographic software solution that is not only fully scalable, but integrates seamlessly with any existing or legacy technology.



Security Stays with the Data

Trivalent offers defense-in-depth through three layers of cascading encryption keys, which are shredded along with the files. Our separate authentication serves as an additional countermeasure against hackers attempting to gain access at the file level.



Protect at the File Level

Our solution captures data from desired applications and file types, encrypts and shreds the information, and disperses those data shreds across the system’s persistent memory. This prevents exploitations of the data by exfiltration software.



Multi Algorithm Availability

We utilize a randomized information dispersal algorithm (IDA) to shred each file in a unique way after it has been encrypted. This makes it exponentially more difficult for a hacker to determine which shreds belong to which file.



Distributed Across Storage

The data shreds are dispersed across multiple locations within the system’s storage. Ensuring the data is not stored as a whole prevents attribution of the shreds and eliminates the possibility of recombining identifiable data.


Trivalent Protect

With the flexibility of a software implementation, Trivalent Protect can integrate seamlessly with existing technology, is easy to deploy, and scalable for enterprise environments.


Trivalent Protect Apps

At Trivalent, we pride ourselves on creating custom data assurance solutions that are incredibly powerful yet simple to use. Every day, our passionate team of technology experts work together to deliver leading edge, mobility-based software solutions that are revolutionizing the data assurance market.


Trivalent Protect CDK

Trivalent Protect Cryptographic Development Kit, is part of an integrated platform that together meets the complete data protection needs of an enterprise or application developer from start to finish.


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